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Helping a Neighbour

Crochet is needed everywhere!

One day about 2 weeks ago we were chatting with one of the neighbours here at the campground. She asked what I liked to do.... crochet of course!

Well, it seems that she has been carrying around an unfinished blanket her grandmother started before she passed away. She has had it since 1986 just waiting to meet someone who can crochet and would be willing to finish it for her.

Unfortunately there was no way I could replicate the square already created by her grandma, so I offered to put those together, make an extra 4 yellows (totally different pattern) and add a border.

Finally finished it last night! Hopefully she is happy with it :) At least now it's usable as a lap blanket.

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You did a wonderful thing offering a helping hook. Of course, the blanket turned out beautiful.

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