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Finally went riding!

Since we arrived in TX the weather has not be conducive to riding the motorcycle. It's been cold and rainy for a week! What is up with that?! lol

Today started out sunny, but by lunch it was overcast again, but we have cabin fever, so decided to go out for a ride anyways. The wind is still a bit chilly. Thankfully our riding jackets are fairly warm.

We went to Port Aransas. There is a 5 minute ferry ride (free) over the channel where the ships get to port or back out to the ocean. We didn't have to wait long getting to Port Aransas, but on the way back we ended up waiting for a ferry while 2 ships left port and one came in.

When you get to the beach it's hard packed so that vehicles can drive on it. There is a breakwater that we could walk on. The beginning is nice concrete, but a lot of it is just big rocks and hard to walk on. We wanted to go to the end, but about 3/4 of the way to the end we got hit by a smallish wave and got wet. Guess tide was coming in. So we turned around and went back. Will try again another day.

We did see some dolphins as well!

It was nice to get out of the camper/campground for a few hours :)

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