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February Newsletter

The first month of 2024 is gone. Considering the weather was cold and wet.... it went by pretty quickly. We spent way too much time cooped up in the camper. Granted, that means more crochet time for me lol, but that isn't why we winter in Texas.

Lately I've been designing a lot of blankets. Need to get 4 "manly" ones done by October to donate to Veteran's at Christmas.

Need to make some shawls to donate to a Hospice. A friend was asked if she had any to donate, she messaged me, so away I go! Hopefully my friend can swing by our place in the summer and pick them up. Some of the shawls I'm making to donate will be free patterns here on the website. :)

This starts today!! Click on the graphic to go to the Crochet Designer Community FB page for today's pattern, link & coupon code. Each day you will be able to find another pattern on the page for this month! Two of the patterns featured in the Hop are mine :)

Also coming this month is "Find the Gnome" for a free pattern :) Everyone seems to enjoy this scavenger hunt :) The hardest part for me is trying to figure out which post to put the gnome in!

There will be another Weekend CAL! Not going to show you what it is yet. As an incentive for people to create the project, anyone who does finish and adds a photo to the post in the fb group will have a chance to win their choice of pattern from another designer! I thought it was a great way to show off some of my designer friends, and a way for someone to try a pattern from another designer.


In one of my groups I asked the question "what would you like to know about me". There were a lot of questions! Yikes! lol So I thought I would start with this question:

"When did you learn to crochet and how did you learn to crochet"

The first time I ever crocheted was when I was in Bible School. A friend taught me the single crochet stitch and I crocheted an afghan in pink/maroon/white. I still have the blanket! (somewhere in storage). After that I didn't crochet until many years later.

One day about 16 years ago I was chatting with someone about being bored watching TV with hubby in the evening. She mentioned that she crocheted scarves to donate to charity. What a great idea! So I bought some yarn and a H8/5mm crochet hook and searched youtube for some videos. Amazingly crochet came very easy to me. It didn't take me long to figure out stitches & follow written patterns. Before I knew it I was making hats as well. Everything I created was given to Missions in the city where our boys lived & went to college.

More questions & answers coming soon!

Patterns coming this month!

Don't forget about the Pattern Club. You can join any time during the year. The coupon codes will work all year so you have lots of time to decide which 12 patterns you would like :)

Click on the graphic below for a description and links.

If you have ideas for games we could do in the FB group just message me on FB! I'm always looking for new ideas.

That's it for another month. Thank you so much for reading this and for all your support & friendship. I hope everyone has a fabulous February!

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