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Crochet Ripple Stitch Book Review

Do you love chevron patterns? I do :) My grandma knit a chevron blanket and I inherited it. It's in the usual rust/cream/brown colors that where very popular "way back in the day" lol. But I don't care - my grandma made it!

If you are like me, the usual chevron patterns can get a bit boring. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's nice to crochet something that is "mindless" (boring). It's a nice project to do while watching tv, listening to music, or thinking about the next pattern you want to create.

I purchased these books a few years ago, which means this is a real review, not a sponsored one :)

100 Colorful Ripple Stitches to Crochet

This is one of my favorite books. There is a good variety of ripple patterns, some very easy and some more involved. There are a few patterns that are not ripple: square, star, oblong etc, but they are mostly just back and forth patterns. Each pattern has written instructions and a diagram. The diagrams are color coded for rows, so easy to read. The written instructions are good, easy to read and written the way I would write a pattern. They use most of the same terminology I would, there are a few stitch patterns I would write differently.

If you are looking for a book of ripple patterns I would recommend this one, even if you are a beginner crocheter, you will find patterns in this book that will work for you. As you progress in your crochet adventure you will be able to do most of these patterns.

154 Crochet Wave Patterns

Well..... I did buy this book at Michaels, so looked through it before I bought it. I should have read some of the patterns first.... lol

It has a huge variety of ripple patterns. Some are really pretty, some are very easy, and some are quite involved. I was drawn to the photos of all the different patterns, the solids, stripes, & textures.

There are no diagrams which is very sad..... the patterns are not well written. At least not for me. They do not explain the special stitches the way I would, and some are very confusing. When explaining the stitches or even writing out the rows they use way too many words, stars, brackets etc. The patterns could have been written differently and less confusing.

There are some patterns that are very simple and well written, but the more involved patterns take a lot more time to figure out.

I think I have made 2 of the patterns in this not a good investment for me. I still like to look at the photos of the patterns, but reading the patterns just makes me frustrated lol.

If you are a beginner or advanced beginner, this book is not for you. If you are intermediate or advanced you might like this book. It does have a lots of very different patterns.

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