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Crochet Journals

Do you have trouble keeping track of what you are working on, what you want to create next, gifts you want to make during the year, the yarn in your "collection"?

Marsha (MarshaYarnDoodles) & I have been working on 2 crochet project journals. One for designers, and one for those of you who love to crochet. It's been quite the process trying to figure out what we would love in a journal and then creating the pages for each journal.

There are really nice journals you can purchase online and come as a finished book, but all the ones I have tried where always missing something, or had too many blank pages that got wasted.

After buying a few journals this past year we wanted to create journals/planners that are printable so you could print the pages you need when you need them. All you need is a pretty binder, ink & paper. Once the planners have been downloaded you can print the pages as you need them as many times as you like.

The Crochet Journal Contains Pages for -

⭐ Monthly/Weekly/Daily Planning (undated)

⭐ Business Goals

⭐ Pattern & Tester Trackers

⭐ Size Charts

⭐ Social Media & Blog Trackers

⭐ Free Gift Tags

The Project Journal Contains Pages for -

⭐ Monthly/Weekly/Daily Planning

⭐ Project Tracker

⭐ Gift Giving Planner

⭐ Size Charts

⭐ Yarn Inventory Trackers

⭐ Free Gift Tags

You can find the journals for sale here on my website:

Crochet Journals

Or in my Etsy Shop:


If you have any questions please ask in an email :) I will be happy to help!

You can find all of Marsha's links here:

You can find my links here:

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