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Coming in July!

Oh my gosh..... I think I have signed up for too many things in July.... Do this every year!

July is a busy month it seems for blog hops, Christmas in July, pattern sales etc. There is always something happening. Why July? It's summer, aren't people outside?! Oh wait.... I crochet all summer lol.

Starting on July 1 is the Christmas in July Hop at Regina P. Designs.

July 7 - 19 is the $2 Scrap Busting Event right here on my website. There will be 13 patterns from 13 different designers that will help you use up the scrap yarn you are hiding in totes and bags.

Scrap Blanket CAL. This is a great pattern for scrap busting. Each section can be as wide/narrow as you want. A great way to use up partial skeins left over from other projects. This CAL will start on July 1!

Will you be joining the CAL? What type of CAL would you like to see? There is a "special" CAL coming in August! You don't want to miss that one.

How are you doing with the Stash Busting Challenge? Creating projects? I have managed to use up quite a bit of my scraps. So far I have finished a shawl, (still have another shawl in the works), made a scarf/cowl set with lots of colors, 2 more scarf/cowl sets and working on matching beanie patterns. After going through all of my scraps and left over skeins from other projects I have decided to donate some. About 3 years ago I was contacted by a friend who was looking for left over yarn to donate to a "grandma". The grandma knits every day and her family was finding it hard to keep up with the yarn supply and it's expensive. So they asked my friend about left over yarn. Of course we both were happy to send some to grandma! Ever since, whenever my friend comes through town, I send yarn along.

Do you crochet all year? Even in the summer? I know there are people who don't crochet in the summer..... that would be like asking me to quit drinking coffee!!! LOL

Not going to happen.


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