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Caterpillar Yarns Online Store

Have you heard of this brand new online yarn store?!

I was so excited when Helen sent me the link and told me she started a new adventure with yarn :)

Helen is a fellow crochet designer I have "known" for a few years now. She got together with her friend Lyndsey and created another online shop for all of us to purchase our favorite (or soon to be favorite) yarns. They have a wonderful "Meet the Team" write-up on the site.

Just the other day on IG I saw a post about the James C. Brett Marble Chunky and thought I would like to try it, the colors are amazing! Guess what! They have it in 9 colors.

The King Cole Acorn Aran is another one I have wanted to try.... They have it too, in 8 stunning colors!

There are a couple of yarns I've never heard of, but I'm always willing to try something new :)

Yes - they are located in the UK, however do ship worldwide. And they have a 20% off sale right now!

If you have never ordered yarn from the UK before, don't worry - it's easy :) I have ordered many times from other companies in the UK with no issues. There were no extra duties or taxes with my orders and they were large orders lol.

When you have a few minutes to browse through Caterpillar Yarns Site, please do! You won't be disappointed :) If you have any questions please reach out to Helen, she is one of the most down to earth and genuine person I have met! And she will reply as quickly as she can - don't forget about the time zone differences :)

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