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Bye Aransas Pass

Yesterday was moving day. This is the first time we have had to pack up and move since buying the camper and truck. Oh.My.Gosh! It took a while between trying to remember everything and people stopping in to say bye and ask where we were going next. We managed to leave 10 minutes before check out time lol

We were staying at the Southern Oaks RV Luxury Resort. It's a very nice campground, the spaces are large, concrete pads are a good size, people are great. It's clean, they pick up garbage 6 days a week, propane delivered to your camper, lots of group events and things to do.

The down side for me was the traffic noise. The campground is right beside a very busy highway that goes to Corpus Christie. The noise is constant. No - I didn't get used to it. In fact, it bothered me more the longer we were there. Apparently there are sites where the noise isn't as bad, but you never get away from it.

If you are ever camping in Aransas Pass - stay here. It is a nice campground :)

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Does all the traffic noise mean you guys won't be staying there again?

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