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Book Review & Give Away!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Book Review: Big Book of Scarves by Bob & Kim Latshaw

Do you love to make scarves? Have you tried C2C yet? What about making a scarf with C2C? If you would like to try C2C, I think this would be a great place to start. Kim contacted me before her book was printed asking if I would do an honest review of her book. Of Course! I actually do have a few of Kim's blanket patterns, they were just too cute or to pretty not to buy. There are on my list of projects I will make for myself one day.

The Book:

There is a wonderful introduction to Bob & Kim and their business at the beginning of the book & a section all about starting C2C. If you have never tried this technique before Kim has great instructions on how to read the graph, read the written instructions, change colors and create the C2C project. There are also instructions for sizing each scarf.

The Patterns:

There are 33 scarf patterns, everything from animal prints, to holiday themes, to... well, there is a huge variety. Definitely something for everyone. The patterns use anywhere from 2 colors to 6 colors. Each pattern includes everything you need to create that specific scarf. The written pattern portions is color coded and gives you the “block” count for each row. The graph is also colored & shows a close up of the pattern section as well as a photo of the whole piece. At the end of some of the patterns is a section for notes.

Making a Pattern:

Several years ago I made two C2C blankets, but they were just a solid color. Nothing fancy. I haven't tried any C2C with color changes so this was something new. One of the scarf patterns is coffee themed! You know I'm going to make this one yet!

I did just finished a bag holder for my grocery bags with Kim's Coffee Cup Grocery Bag Holder pattern. It uses 3 colors, quite scary for me. But guess what! It wasn't

scary at all with the instructions given on the pattern. The same instructions are in the scarf book. There are also links to videos that will also show how to do the C2C and change colors.

I'm a visual person when it comes to crochet. I prefer a diagram over written instructions, so thought I would be more comfortable with the diagrams. However it seems that with the C2C I prefer the written instructions. Each row is so nicely written with the number of blocks & the order the colors are in that I actually found that easier.

If you are thinking about trying C2C, or have been doing it for years, you will enjoy this book. The book can be purchased on & also

You can also find all of Kim's patterns at The Crochet Couch. Definitely go take a look! She has an amazing selection of blanket patterns.

You can also find Kim here: Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

If you would like to find out more about The Crochet Couch, I did an interview with Kim before Christmas. You can find it HERE.



I will send 1 lucky person the Big Book of Scarves! Enter using the form below, if it doesn't show up for you, use this link, apparently it only works on a computer, not a phone:

Sorry, but the give away is open to Canadian & US residents only.

The winner will be chosen on Saturday morning (2/4/23)

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