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Bandera Fiber Festival

Updated: Mar 17

Hubby & I are in Bandera TX for the month of March. We came here because we heard the motorcycle riding was the best in TX. They were right about that! We have had a great time exploring this part of the state. Still have a few riding loops we want to do in the next 3 weeks.

When we booked our stay in Bandera we didn't not know about the Fiber Festival! How lucky are we! (hubby isn't so sure..... lol) This past Tuesday we went to the Sheepwalk Ranch for a tour. Jennifer raises the sheep, has them sheared on her ranch, washes the wool, spins & dyes it as well. It was fun to meet the sheep & the protection Llamas (no they don't spit).

Today was the festival. Jennifer mentioned a few of the vendors that would be there, but I had not expected nearly as many as there were. You could take weaving classes, sewing classes, & basket making classes. There were baskets for sale, yarn for sale, soap, sewing supplies, baked goods, etc.

I will show you photos of the yarn shops I purchased from. There was another yarn dyer there I wanted to talk to. I was the only person in the booth, she kept talking to her husband, then decided to do a live video and walked off. No sale for her.....

The other shops selling yarn were very happy to talk about what they did and their process.

(Yes - I bought a basket to hold my yarn purchases)

Fiber Fate on Etsy

Euphoria Knits

I did purchase from 2 other shops, seems I forgot to take photos..... I will post photos of the yarn as I start to design with it.

Last but not least hubby found a friend :) This is a 3 day old angora goat. His mom had some trouble giving birth, he didn't want to come out the right way so they are fixing his leg. He was adorable!

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