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All Set Up & Ready for Sunshine

So it seems that every time we come down here the weather is cool and dreary. What is up with that?!! lol Hopefully next week is a sunny week.

We are all set up. We did it in record time! (it's our first time setting up in a campground, so that's "record time" right?) It was still daylight thankfully when we arrived, so had a few hours to figure out everything, make sure everything was connected and working, de-winterize the trailer, and start the furnace! There are still a few things we need to find in the storage under the trailer. Too cold to sit outside on the lawn chairs, too cold to BBQ, but hopefully next week.

I'm learning to cook with a propane stove top, will try out the oven tonight I think. We need to get the Spyder out today and find some more groceries. Maybe check out some of the town as well.

We went for a bicycle ride around the campground yesterday and were surprised by how many people are from Texas! I guess it's warmer here? They like the ocean? Maybe we will get to ask some of them yet.

Our campsite!

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