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All About Cables Blanket E-Book

How do you feel about cables?

They used to intimidate me, took me years of crocheting before I attempted a pattern with cables. Now I LOVE them! Yes - they are a bit more complicated, use more yarn, and are more time consuming to make in a project, but the end result is well worth it.

Since I love to make blankets I decided to make 2 with cables, one for each of my 2 favorite uncles. Really wanted to use yarn I had on hand, so started with blanket #1. After I finished those 2 blankets, I looked at my yarn stash and realized I could also create 2 baby size blankets with cables as well! So much fun :)

The hardest part was deciding what type of cables and which cable patterns to do! There was a lot of unravelling and "trial & error" involved. Seems to happen a lot when I design.



For this blanket I used Bernat Premium: (100% Acrylic, 360 yards / 329 meters, 7 oz / 198 g) Color A (Shadow Blue): 5 skeins,Color B (Sky Grey): 5 skeins, Color C (Pine): 5 skeins

Creating the striping pattern was interesting.... for the striped blankets I create with stripes using Stitch Fiddle where I can play with colors and ideas.



I had really hoped to use the Bernat Premium for the 2nd blanket as well, but when I started to crochet the blanket I realized that each color was a different thickness! What?! That does not work.

So I had to switch to 2 colors using Caron One Pound and the grey with Bernat Premium.

This pattern does use a bit more yarn because of the Bobbles.

Caron One Pound (100% Acrylic, 812 yards / 742 meters, 16 ounces / 453.6 grams) Color A (Midnight) 2 skeins, Color C (Claret) 1 skein

Color B (Med. Grey): Bernat Premium (100% Acrylic, 360 yards / 329 meters, 7 oz / 198 g) 4 skeins



Love to make baby blanket! I happened to have these 3 colors of Paintbox Aran in my yarn collection. Wasn't sure they would work together, but I think it looks pretty good :) The pattern uses standard cables, the row repeat is shorter and easier than the other blankets. It still makes a pretty blanket that is fun to crochet. If you are new to cables I would suggest starting with this one.

Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran (100% Acrylic, 201 yards / 184 meters, 3.5 ounces / 100 grams) Color A (#202) 7 skeins, Color B (#235) 4 skeins, Color C (#203) 2 skeins



Well - out of the 4 blankets I think you will find this one the most challenging. The repeats are quite long with quite a few twists and turns. It's beautiful once it's finished! But does take a while to create.

I started with a stitch diagram I found on Pinterest, but didn't like the way some of the rows where done so changed it. Sometimes cables can pull or bunch up if they aren't done correctly (or the way I like them lol)

Of course I used my favorite blanket yarn - Bernat Premium. The yarn was purchased with a baby blanket in mind. It looked like a unisex color.

Bernat Premium (100% Acrylic, 360 yards / 329 meters, 7 oz / 198 g) COLOR: Robin’s Egg, 7 skeins


You can purchase the patterns as a bundle. The bundle will be $10 until the end of April when the last blanket pattern is released. After April the bundle will be $15.

When you purchase the bundle on Etsy, Ravelry or this Website you will receive all 4 patterns at the same time.

The patterns will also be for sale individually. They will be 25% off on Ravelry coupon code for 25% off: Patterns25Off

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